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Our company’s advantages are rich products ,complete inventory,high-quality equipment,high processing accuracy ,small tolerances,low cost and fast delivery.

Core products of the company including ultra-high performance, high surface finishing,large section,high processing difficulty, high precision aluminum alloy casting products, extrusion products, forging products, cold working products and heat treatment product .As well as the finished products and semi-finish products of CNC processing, stamping, bending grinding,polishing and surface coloring. Meanwhile the company’s products have physical resistance,plasticity and heat treat-ability. The material has maintained outstanding welding performance while ensuring a high strength.

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All kinds of aluminum alloy materials produced by our company,For 1000series to 8000series. such as pipes, profiles, aluminum bars, plates, forgings, large die-casting shells, ingot and so on, can meet the use requirements of rail transit, aerospace, petroleum exploration, chemical industry, 3C electronic products, automobile manufacturing, heavy machinery, optical instruments, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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Overview of Anodic Oxidation Process of Aluminum Plate

12 /01

All Sorts of Aluminium Alloy Adornment Material

08 /01

Aluminum Plate Processing Technology

05 /01

08 /01

All Sorts of Aluminium Alloy Adornment Material

(1) Aluminum alloy profiles Features: Light weight, high stiffness, corrosion resistance, beautiful tone, industrial production. USES: Make doors and Windows, ceiling, partition keel, curtain wall. (2) aluminum alloy decorative plate Features: light weight, non – combustible, durable, convenient construction, good decoration effect. Can be used for interior and exterior wall cylinder decoration. (3) Aluminum alloy pattern plate Anti-rust aluminum alloy billet, cold rolled pattern plate. Used for wall, stair and pedal. (4) aluminum shallow pattern plate The decorative plate with shallow decorative pattern processing is made on the base surface of cold hardened aluminum. Unique pattern, beautiful color and luster, compared with ordinary aluminum plate stiffness increased by 20%. Anti-fouling, anti-abrasion performance has been improved. With three-dimensional pattern and beautiful color, the reflectivity of light is 75% ~ 95% (white light), good corrosion resistance, there are different colors of the shallow pattern. (5) Aluminum alloy pressure plate: used for wall, roof. (6) Enamel aluminum alloy building decoration products: enamel coated with a σ -grade construction division σ layer glass layer, for high-grade decorative materials. (7) Aluminum alloy perforated plate: noise reduction decorative plate, in all kinds of buildings with noise reduction requirements. (8) Special aluminum alloy building decoration products: railing,...

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