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High Service

high service

Our company has been adhering to the quality and service first standards to serve customers.Choose our company, both of us get double twin results.Come on!Let’s do it!

How to Get Inquiries

When you have aluminum plate, aluminum rod, aluminum tube, aluminum coil, aluminum alloy and other aluminum material procurement projects, and are interested in our products, you are welcome to our company to inquire, in order to ensure the accurate and reasonable price, please be sure to provide the following technology


  • 1.Delivery state: Annealing state “O “, work hardening state” H”, solid melt heat treatment state “W”, heat treatment state “T”;
  • 2.Appearance: spray paint, electroplate, anodic oxidation, infiltration, oil spraying, sand blasting;
  • 3.Dimensions: nominal size, tolerance range, fixed size, indefinite size, standard size;
  • 4.Quality standards: National standard, ASTM, ASME, JIS, JS, DIN and other;
  • 5.Order quantity;
  • 6.Time of delivery.


Above these information are important for us to send you good price quickly and also save you time ,and put more time on the our dealing the orders.

How to Place an Order


Our company strictly implements the terms of the contract. Please strictly perform the rights and obligations stipulated in the contract in accordance with the terms of the contract. After you have paid the advance payment stipulated in the contract, please contact our staff who work with you,showing your bank slip,then we start to let our factory workers prepare goods for you.

  • 01

    When you think our production capacity, product quality, delivery time, sales price meet your product requirements, you can contact our sales staff via email,WhatsApp,wechat.

  • 02

    Our staff we send you the Proforma Invoice with your company name,address,telephone number,consignee.


Under the condition that both parties agree with the opinions on the content, both parties seal and sign, and remit the advance payment to our company’s account within the time specified in the contract, the contract will officially come into force.

How to Get Order Process

When you need to inquire the production progress of the effective contract, directly call and contact the company’s sales phone number, inform the sales staff of the contract number, inform you of the content you need to inquire, our sales staff will reply you within one hour.

And at the same time sending you the goods processing pictures for you.

If the contract delivery date is delayed or the contract production is completed in advance, our sales staff will give you oral or written notice in advance, so that you can make an arrangement for picking up the goods.

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How to Get Goods and After-Service

When the goods are ready to ship,our staff will send you all the goods pictures for you ,And sent you the copy B/L documents . When you pay us the balance payment,we will give you original B/L documents after your requirements,whether telex release B/L or ship original paper B/L to you.

When you receive the ordered products, the first thing to do is to re-inspect the products. When you find that the quality indicators do not conform to the quality terms stipulated in the contract during the re-inspection, please timely inform our after-sales service personnel in written form of the problems found.  Provide product picture and contract number.  Our company has always adopted a friendly and sincere attitude towards the quality objection, and there has never been any serious quality problem. Quantity dispute, take rest assured to our company products.

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