All Sorts of Aluminium Alloy Adornment Material


(1) Aluminum alloy profiles

Features: Light weight, high stiffness, corrosion resistance, beautiful tone, industrial production.

USES: Make doors and Windows, ceiling, partition keel, curtain wall.

(2) aluminum alloy decorative plate

Features: light weight, non – combustible, durable, convenient construction, good decoration effect. Can be used for interior and exterior wall cylinder decoration.

(3) Aluminum alloy pattern plate

Anti-rust aluminum alloy billet, cold rolled pattern plate. Used for wall, stair and pedal.

(4) aluminum shallow pattern plate

The decorative plate with shallow decorative pattern processing is made on the base surface of cold hardened aluminum. Unique pattern, beautiful color and luster, compared with ordinary aluminum plate stiffness increased by 20%. Anti-fouling, anti-abrasion performance has been improved. With three-dimensional pattern and beautiful color, the reflectivity of light is 75% ~ 95% (white light), good corrosion resistance, there are different colors of the shallow pattern.

(5) Aluminum alloy pressure plate: used for wall, roof.

(6) Enamel aluminum alloy building decoration products: enamel coated with a σ -grade construction division σ layer glass layer, for high-grade decorative materials.

(7) Aluminum alloy perforated plate: noise reduction decorative plate, in all kinds of buildings with noise reduction requirements.

(8) Special aluminum alloy building decoration products: railing, handrail, screen, grid, shading curtain, etc.

(9) Aluminum powder, aluminum foil.

(10) Single layer aluminum plate: according to a certain size, shape and structural form of processing, the surface of electrostatic liquid spraying, fluorocarbon resin coating treatment of a decorative material.

(11) aluminum-plastic composite board (three layers of composite) : the upper and lower layers are high-strength aluminum alloy board, the middle layer core board is low-density PVC or PE foam board, the decorative board made of high temperature and high pressure, and the surface is sprayed with fluorocarbon resin. Commonly used in building curtain wall, hall, facade, column, wall panel, ceiling, booth, etc.

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