Reasons for the oxide film of aluminum alloy coil is not uniform


We should all know that there is an oxide film on the surface of the alloy aluminum coil, which can protect the alloy aluminum coil, but sometimes we will find that the color of the oxide film will be uneven. So what’s going on here? The following alloy aluminum coil manufacturer Mingtai aluminum to introduce the alloy aluminum coil oxide film uneven problems and prevention.

Problem one: swing in the slot working area is too large, and then the color generated in the oxide film is inconsistent.  

Prevention: the rotary fluctuation of the oxidized workpiece is small, and it can be handled quietly, but when the temperature of the solution is too low, it is easy to appear map-like spots, which is not natural.

Problem two: when the damaged part of the cladding layer of alloy aluminum coil is cut off, high-quality aluminum alloy is worn outside and the inner layer is miscellaneous aluminum. Due to the large difference, “vitiligo” shaped spots will be produced after oxidation.

Prevention : material strict control, reduce or remove miscellaneous aluminum.

Problem three: the process operation in the workpiece alkaline etching treatment is incomplete, the original part of the oxide film, dirt can not be divisible; Alkaline etching light immediately after disposal, the surface is still alkaline; Workpiece contact with foreign body during transfer.

Prevention : in the production process, the integrity of the alloy aluminum coil process is strictly guaranteed, in order to produce better products.

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