Application and advantages of anodized aluminum plate


Aluminum plate can be seen everywhere in our life, cans, buildings, home decoration, electronic appliances and other fields are actually used aluminum plate. Anodized aluminum plate is one of the outstanding representatives, anodized aluminum plate because of some of its unique performance is loved by the public and the use of a wide range of.


First, smoothness

Ordinary aluminum plate is prone to uneven conditions. The anodized aluminum plate has a great improvement in the surface production process, its production process is more high-quality. Therefore, no matter in the surface smoothness or flatness is superior to ordinary aluminum plate.


Second, the appearance of the

We all know very well that the appearance of ordinary aluminum plate is mostly gray, the color is very ugly. The anodized aluminum plate color choice is very rich, not only a single gray. Give the public more choice, in the appearance also give the public more beautiful.

Three, anti-corrosion, anti-wear

Because of the addition of the coating, the coating undoubtedly acts as a protective layer between the metal and the outside world, so the anti-rust performance of the anodized aluminum plate is particularly good, and can prolong the service life of the surface metal. The addition of a coating also makes the surface of the material more wearable.

Four, excellent performance

Anodized aluminum plate is not only flexible, but also has excellent machinability. Different sizes can be made according to different needs to avoid waste. And it is particularly good weather resistance, no matter what kind of weather conditions can be used normally, in the face of salt, alkali and acid rain can stand.

Five, competitive price

Price is usually a key consideration when we buy something. The price of anodized aluminum plate is also a concern of many users. The anodized aluminum plate can optimize the production process and reduce the production cost. Therefore, this price is very suitable for the majority of consumers.

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