Hui En Electrolytic full series of full production over production


On February 21st, with the smooth power-on and start-up of no. 0033 electrolytic cell in the first working area of The second Aluminum Huien Electrolytic Plant, all 1320 electrolytic cells of the five electrolytic series of aluminum huien electrolytic plant have been put into operation, creating a historical record of Z high number of electrolytic cells of the whole series of aluminum Baotou electrolytic Plant since its establishment.
Since this year, the company firmly establish a “big electrolytic” concept, to the electrolytic production smooth running with high efficiency, steady as the main line, peg full-year target tasks, rot the key of stable production, strictly control the cell overhaul quality, speed improvement slot, and tank repair personnel, at the level of electrolytic employees struggled, 5 days to complete 0033 cell overhaul the task ahead of time. At 15:30 on the 21st, the employees poured 4 packets of 24 tons of fiery red electrolyte into no. 0033 electrolytic cell in turn. The employees in each link operated accurately and cooperated closely. Tony , deputy general manager of the company, supervised the electrification start work on site.
At present, in the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, the company is facing many difficulties, such as shortage of front-line production personnel and tight supply of bulk raw materials. Under such circumstances, the company has achieved full production and over-production, greatly encouraging the company’s employees who are determined to win the battle against the epidemic. Next, aluminium to take this opportunity to continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control of various overcome difficult, on the other hand, vigorously promotes the electrolytic safety smooth and efficient operation, carry out total factor for mark, vigorously promotes the standardized control, annual goals, go all out sprint to fight disease and production double victory on two fronts, hand over a complete answer.

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