Aluminum coil processing technology


Silicon corrodes cemented carbide. Although generally more than 12%Si aluminum alloy known as high silicon aluminum alloy, recommended the use of diamond tools, but this is not absolute, silicon content is gradually increasing the destructive power of the tool is also gradually increasing. Therefore, some manufacturers recommend diamond tools when the silicon content exceeds 8%.

Aluminum alloys with silicon content between 8% and 12% are a transition zone in which both conventional carbide and diamond tools can be used. But the use of cemented carbide should be used by PVD(physical coating) method, aluminum – free, small film thickness of the tool. Because of PVD method and the small film thickness cutting tool to keep the sharp cutting edges, made possible by the (or grew up in order to avoid abnormal film layer on the edge need to enough passivation of blade, cutting aluminum alloy will not sharp), and membrane material containing aluminum may make the blade film layer with the workpiece materials close cooperation with the combination of film and cutting tool substrate. Because the superhard coating is mainly composed of aluminum, nitrogen and titanium, it may cause breakage due to a small amount of peeling off of the carbide matrix with the peeling off of the film layer.

One of the following three types of cutting tools is recommended:

1. Uncoated ultra-fine particle carbide cutting tools

2. Carbide cutting tools with PVD method, such as TiN plating, TiC plating, etc

3. Use diamond tools

The chip tolerance space of the tool should be large, and it is generally recommended to use 2 teeth, and the front Angle and rear Angle should be large (such as 12°-14°, including the rear Angle of the end tooth).

If only the general milling surface, you can use 45° main Angle of the indexable surface milling cutter, with special processing of aluminum alloy blade, should be better.

Alumina in 1808 in the laboratory using electrolytic aluminum, 1884 was used as a building material in the United States Washington Monument spire up to now; Aluminum alloy material synthesized by adding various metal elements has been widely used in the construction industry. Aluminum alloy commonly used plate thickness: advanced metal roofing (and curtain wall) system is generally 0.8-1.2mm(and the traditional general ≥2.5mm).

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