Aluminum Welded Tube/Pipe 7005

Aluminum alloy pipe because of light weight, high strength, good corrosion resistance, non-magnetic, good formability and low temperature performance, is widely used in all kinds of welding structure products, using aluminum alloy instead of steel plate material welding, structural weight can be reduced by more than 50%. Therefore, aluminum and aluminum alloy are not only widely used in aviation, aerospace and electrical fields, but also more and more used in petrochemical industry.

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Product Details

According to the aluminum pipe production mode, it is divided into seamless pipe and welded pipe.

In the welding process, aluminum and aluminum alloys are prone to oxidation pores, thermal cracks, burning through and collapse, which are the welding materials with great difficulty. Especially, it is more difficult to master the welding of small-diameter thin-walled pipe. Therefore, there are requirements on selection. And the parameters are stable, flexible adjustment and safe and reliable performance, but also should have arc starting, arc stabilizing and dc component elimination device, welding current, voltmeter should be qualified by the measurement department.

The welding site should be kept clean. In addition to windproof, rainproof and snow proof facilities, the relative humidity during welding should be no more than 80%, and the environmental temperature should be more than 5℃.

These above things mentions will be better for aluminum weld.

The density of 7005 is 2.75(g/cm3). And according to GB/T3190-2008 The temper of 7001:T1,T3,T4,T5,T6,T8.chemical composition of 7005:


Standard Specification of 7005 Alloy Welded Tube:
Outer Diameter 0.8mm-600mm or customer requirements
Wall thickness  0.3-50mm or customer requirements
Length 2.5meters or as customer's requirements
Standard ASTM, ASME,EN, JIS, DIN,GB/T etc
Grade 1070,1060,1050,1030,1100,2017,2024,2117,2014,2214,2618,2018,2218,2219,2021,3003,5052,5154,5083,5456,5056,6165,6061,6055,6063,7001,7178,7075,
Temper T3-T8
Surface Flat , mill, bright, polished, hair line, brush,sand blast, checkered,embossed, etching ,
Shape Round/Square/Rectangular /Oval
Sample Free sample fee
Back lamination polykraft paper, polysurlyn, kraft paper, craft paper
Inspection SGS,or other Third Party inspection
Payment T/T, L/C,Western Union,
Package PVC+ waterproof paper + strong sea-worthy wooden package
Production Flow Chart of Tube:

Our Company Customize Service:


7005 aluminum alloy welded pipe is widely used in the frame of building aluminum doors, Windows and curtain walls. It is a common aluminum alloy model. 7005 aluminum welded tube can be used in decorative pipe, industrial pipe, some shallow tensile products.


Exprot sea worthy package and water proof paper and wooden pallet with Safe loading and fixing Professional teams

Shipping time

Ship goods within 5 days after received deposit for stock goods;

Customize size need about 10 days to ship;

OEM products need about 15 days to ship


Shipping by containers ;Shipping by bulk ship 

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