Aluminum Trapezoidal Bar 6063

Diameter: 6mm-800mm or as the customer’s request

Length: 2m,3m,5.8m,6m, or as the customer’s request

Material: 1060,1050,1100,2024,2124,3003,3004,3A12,5052,5652,5154,5254, 5454,5083,5754,5086,5056,5456,5A02,6061,6062,6063,7075,8011,etc.

Quality control: Mill Test Certification is supplied with shipment,Third Part Inspection is acceptable.

Product Details

The aluminum trapezoidal bar is a long solid strip with a trapezoidal section.

Attention of putting trapezoidal rod

1, aluminum rod needs to fit the use of request. Just organization card slot, screw hole, heat dissipation structure, stress points, shape joint venture and so on.

2, Need for appropriate kneading technology. Uniform wall thickness, shape structure, shunt hole structure, is not an impact on the service life of the mold, a number of tons of machines and so on.

3.Check drilling whether has a step and thin wall blind hole is with a thick strip and so on.

6063 typical alloy for extrusion, lower strength than 6061, good extrusion, can be used as a complex section of the shape of the material, corrosion resistance and surface treatment are good. Heat treatment, high impact toughness. It has good thermoplasticity and can be extruded into complex structure at high speed. Thin wall. Hollow profiles or forged into complex forgings.

Our company has large warehouse and import machines .We supply and accept customize drawings for our mature processing technology, professional processing team, accurate processing equipment to ensure the precision of processing size, no burrs.

Standard Specification of 6063 Alloy Trapezoidal Bar:
Diameter 6-800mm or customer requirements
Length 2m,3m,5.8m,6m,as customer's requirements
Grade 1070,1060,1050,1030,1100,2017,2024,2117,2014,2214,2618,2018,2218,2219,2021,3003,5052,5154,5083,5456,5056,6165,6061,6055,6063,7001,7178,7075,
Temper HO,H12,H14,H16,H18,H19,H22,H24,H26,H28,F,H112,T651,T3,T451,T4,T6,ect
Surface Flat , mill, bright, polished, hair line, brush,sand blast, checkered,embossed, etching ,
Form coil,sheet,profiles,bar,tube,casting
Sample Free sample fee
Back lamination polykraft paper, polysurlyn, kraft paper, craft paper
Inspection SGS,or other Third Party inspection
Payment T/T, L/C,Western Union,
Package PVC+ waterproof paper + strong sea-worthy wooden package


Aluminum rods are widely used in decoration, packaging, construction, transportation, electronics, aviation, aerospace, weapons and other industries.

Aluminum rods for transportation are used for the material of body structure parts of automobiles, subway vehicles, railway buses, high-speed buses, doors and Windows, shelves, engine parts of automobiles, air conditioners, radiators, body plates, wheels and ship materials.


Exprot sea worthy package and water proof paper and wooden pallet with Safe loading and fixing Professional teams

Shipping time

Ship goods within 5 days after received deposit for stock goods ;

Customize size need about 10 days to ship;

OEM products need about 15 days to ship


Shipping by containers;Shipping by bulk ship 

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