Aluminum Coil 3003

Aluminum coil ‘s thickness :0.1mm-10mm.

Anti-corrosion and rust special aluminum coil’s thickness:0.3mm-3mm.

Aluminium coil for power plant’ s thickness0.5mm,0.6mm,0.75mm,0.8mm.

Color coated aluminium coil/Embossed aluminum coil’s thick:0.2mm-1.2mm.

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We can accept any third party inspection.

Product Details

3003 series aluminum coil is a common product of aluminum-manganese alloy series. Because of the manganese alloy element, this product has excellent rust resistance, also known as rust resistant aluminum plate. Strength is about 10% higher than 1100, form ability, solubility, corrosion resistance are good. Used for processing parts that require good form-ability, high corrosion resistance and good weld-ability, or require both these properties and higher strength than 1XXX series , such as kitchen utensils, food and chemical products processing and storage devices, tanks and tanks for transporting liquid products, All kinds of pressure vessels and pipes, radiators, cosmetic plates, photocopier rollers and Marine materials processed by thin plates.

Corrosion resistance: 3003 alloy coil corrosion resistance is very good, close to the corrosion resistance of industrial pure aluminum, the atmosphere, fresh water, sea water, food, organic acids, gasoline, neutral inorganic salt water solution have good corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance in dilute acid is also very good.

In the cold deformation state, 3003 alloy has a peeling corrosion tendency, the larger the deformation, the more serious the peeling. Because the color is not uniform after anodizing, it is generally not anodized.

Standard Specification of 3003 Alloy Coil:
Thichness 0.1mm-10mm
Width 19mm-2650mm
Length as customer's requirements
Grade 1070,1060,1050,1030,1100,2017,2024,2117,2014,2214,2618,2018,2218,2219,2021,3003,5052,5154,5083,5456,5056,6165,6061,6055,6063,7001,7178,7075,
Temper HO,H12,H14,H16,H18,H19,H22,H24,H26,H28,F,H112,T651,T3,T451,T4,T6,etc
Surface Flat , mill, bright, polished, hair line, brush,sand blast, checkered,embossed, etching ,spray paint, electroplate, anodic oxidation, infiltration, oil spraying, sand blasting
Sample Free sample fee
Back lamination polykraft paper, polysurlyn, kraft paper, craft paper
Inspection SGS,or other Third Party inspection
Payment T/T, L/C,Western Union,
Package PVC+ waterproof paper + strong sea-worthy wooden package


3003 alloy coil is often used in outer packaging, mechanical parts, refrigerators, air conditioning ventilation pipes and other humid environment, the product has good rust resistance.And also often used in ships, ships, vehicle materials, automobile and aircraft plate welding parts, pressure vessels that need strict fire protection, refrigeration devices, television towers, drilling equipment, transportation equipment, missile components, armor, etc.


Anti-water paper and plastic+covered by iron sheet+ strapped with min three strapping strips+ fixed on the iron or wooden pallets by strapping strips.

Shipping time

Ship goods within 5 days after received deposit for stock goods ;

Customize size need about 10 days to ship;

OEM products need about 15 days to ship


Shipping by containers ;Shipping by bulk ship 

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